House Votes On Resolution To Remove Trump Via 25th Amendment | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the House of Representatives plans to vote on a resolution calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump before his term finishes on Jan. 20.

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Live: House Votes On Resolution To Remove Trump Via 25th Amendment | NBC News


  1. Well regulated militia’s are in the making.

  2. Its time to Nut Up or Shut Up

  3. Impeachment or Unity?

  4. Trump supporter for life!! Removing our president would be a huge mistake! He’s done more for us Americans than any other president and we ALL know this! Biden will take us down and WE as Americans have had enough……..

  5. This is what has to be done to save our democracy, impeachment will show those terrorists that they are not above law and every single one of them will be prosecuted

  6. This won’t end well…

  7. Lucifer The Nice Kitten

    George Washington warned us about duopolies. We didn’t listen.

  8. Arrests made today? Waiting for an emergency broadcast?

  9. Lmao this just reminded me how much america sucks, its insane. Why yall so hateful? This country, supposedly a beacon of hope, was built on a land stolen from uts people and built by people stolen from their land.

    Anyways do any of you think that something bad might happen? Like civil war 2.0? I dont think it will but what about yall?

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