Hot-riveting with heavy bronze hardware (rebuilding Tally Ho)



In this episode Zeal fits the cast bronze rudder hardware to the boat, and he and Patrick hot-rivet the gudgeons through the purple heart stern-post. Nic does some gorgeous work on the “front door” and we find out where this door is really destined to live. We in addition follow the manufacturing of the shave tab, which is made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar with a bronze pin running through it, and then defended with G10 plate and fibreglass cloth.

(rebuilding Tally Ho ep153)


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  1. The craftsmanship on this boat is outstanding and the front door will serve the engine room adequately.

  2. Is there a pintal connecting 1 of your eyebrows to the other

  3. Robert Rudolph

    @Sampson Boat Co *_ Hi Leo, I’ve been watching your channel since Tally Ho was rescued and I had some friends over to watch some episodes with me one of my friends commented by saying, “Is this a ‘Rebuild’ or is it a ‘REPLICA’ of Tally Ho”? actually it got me thinking that he might just be right as there’s NOT much of the original boat in the ‘New build’. Would love to hear your comments on this. Regards, Robert (Cape Town, South Africa) _*

    • Frederick Stibbert

      ‘S true that not much original material remains, but at every point there was only one ship in the yard. The old timbers were taken out & replaced in sequence, but at all times, one could point at the hull & say, “That’s the Tally Ho.”
      Mist, a smaller Albert Strange yacht, underwent a similar lengthy full-boat rebuild & was welcomed to the fleet of survivors. You won’t find a Stranger who’ll say, “That’s not the Mist.”

  4. Stuart Williams

    Leo do you realise early in this you video you sounded just like a local saying fit instead of fitted, come on your English and suppose to educating the peasants, on a serious note you have some fantastic craftsmen working with you on this boat what a striking diplay in the rivetting,

  5. Packrat Garage

    Shame to put something so finely done underwater where no one will see it.

  6. The Dutchess swings a mean hammer. I wouldn’t want to tangle with her. Amazing craftsmanship as always.

  7. Fantastic job Zeal, that is one hell of a decent job.

  8. Christian Stadler

    What an awesome episode! I wish it was twice as long so you could explain some of the steps more, like that cool jig you made for the drilling. One question: when Zeal is drilling the holes into the two sides of the gungeon at 17:21, how does he ensure they are plumb with each other? Just careful measuring?

  9. Flow to the glow.

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