Horror Short Film “Requiem” | ALTER | Starring Bella Ramsey

Requiem is set in 1605, against the backdrop of the witch trials. It is a coming of age story, following Evelyn as she engages in a game of cat and mouse against her dad, Minister Gilbert, in order to be with Mary, the girl she likes.

“Requiem” by Em J. Gilbertson

Starring Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us, Game of Thrones)

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“Requiem” Credits:
Evelyn: Bella Ramsey / @bellaramsey,
Mary: Safia Oakley Green / @safiaoakleygreen
Minister Gilbert: Simon Bacon
Magistrate Shorter: Sean Buchanan / @seanbuchanan_actor
Matthew Shorter: Jack Oliver Norris / @jackoliver_norris
Agnes: Juliet Dante / @juliet.dante
Josiah: Jason Adam
Abe: Jack Condon / @jackcondon1

Director: Em J. Gilbertson (Emma J. Gilbertson) / @emjgilbertson
Producer: Michelle Brøndum / @michellebrondum
Screenwriter: Laura Jayne Tunbridge / @lauratunbridge
Director of Photography: Joseph Guy / @josephalexanderguy
Production Designer: Freddie Burrows / @frugstagram
Costume Design: Ashley Conor / @ashleyconor
Hair & Makeup Designer: Gemma Lokat-Smith / @gem_lokatsmith_hmua
Editor: Oliver Bauer / @olibauereditor
Composer: Madison Willing / @madwilling
Sound Designer: Miles Sullivan / @mrmilessullivan
Production Sound Mixer: Luise Guertler / @an_empty_stage
Colorist: Marco Valerio Caminiti / @koenigmark
VFX Producer: Jake Calcutt
Production Manager: Fabiana Tesauro / @ybaf23
Casting Director: Claire Bleasdale / @clairebleasdalecasting
1st AD: Tom Allan
2nd AD: Charlotte Peach / @charlotte_peach
third AD: Felix Cole / @felix_casper_cole
AD Floor Runner: Declan Taaffe and Grace Nicholls / @declantaaffe @_gracenicholls_
Script Supervisor: Michela Minciotti / @micnamacna
Covid Supervisor: Andrew St Maur / @st_maur94
Fight Choreographer: Shiraz Yasin
Production Coordinator: Priya Malhi and Catherine Lynn / @priyamalhix @catherinelynn189
Production Assistant: Jack Beckett, Samuel Sellers and Nana Obiri-Yeboah / @jacktbeckett @Samuel.j.sellers @drnoy45
Runner: Lottie Lake and Millie Farquhar / @millw4h
Unit Manager: Zoe Haynes
Art Director: Jessica Wretlind / @jessicawretlind
Art Department Assistant: John Burrows, Eve Finnie and Jermaine Thompson / @evefinnie
SFX: Nick Smith and Simon Davey
1st AC: Charlotte Vernet
2nd AC: Stefanie Oswald
Steadicam Operator: Leighton Spence and Junior Agyeman Owusu / @leightonspence @mrjunioragyeman
Gaffer: Simon Mills
Spark: Jamie Legge, Kian Altmann, Will Jensen and Oscar Oldershaw / @kianaltmann @bigheadamerican @oscaroldershaw
First Assistant Sound: Alex Langner / @langner_alex
Production Sound Mixer (Additional Shooting): Phil Stander / @phil_stander
Head Costume Maker: Cecile Schils / @cecile.schils.costume
Costume Maker: Chloe Hadley, Nenni Alenius, Eleanor Banasik and Esme Lowrey / @nenni.a @eleanor_costume @esmelowrey
Costume Buyer: Ania Egan and Nana Ansah
Hair & Makeup Assistant: Hannah Shaikh, Amy Luthwood-Graham and Eliza McCabe / @hannah.shaikhup @amyluthwoodgraham @elizamccabemua
Editing Assistant: Mira Thu / @mirathu_
Dailies Colourist: Alex Coveney / @coveneyalex
3D Artist: Terence Hughes
FX Artist: Jake Calcutt and Wu Junyi / @junepixs
Compositor: Pietro Abati,Carina Carlsson, Siân Drury and Sam Pearson / @pietro.abati
Singer: Wild Admiration / @wildadoration
Foley Artist: Miles Sullivan and Sam Morris / @mrmilessullivan and @sammosounds
ADR Recordist: Kim Bradfield / @bradfieldsound
Merchandising and Publicity: Simon Galvan and Clare Harris / @simong.s
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Lucy Alder, Lesley Posso and Olivia Ahmadi / @lucyalder_ @lesleyposso @livmard
Production Company: The National Film and Television School / @nftsfilmtv

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  1. Thank you Alter for screening our film and to everyone who has come to check it out. I was really lucky to work with the most incredible cast and crew and so glad our work finally gets to be seen! Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll be around to answer them over the next few days! 🌙🔥

    • how did you guys manage the fire effects? it feels very genuine, did y’all actually get to burn a church? 🤟 really stunning work!

    • @Em_Coltrane So this was our graduation project at the National Film and Television School. The school has a special effects course and the students work as an in house special effects company. (They are all credited in the about box if you want to see more of their work.) They actually rebuilt the church in 3D and then on the day we did multiple lighting set ups on the church to make it look like the fire flickering. And then they added in fire on top.
      We also had a mixture of real fire and smoke when we did the pure scene.
      I always wanted to do big special effects and this was my first time! We planned out the scenes with the fire early on in the process with storyboards too.

    • (1of2) Great Movie! Unfortunately I didn’t understand what role the Women Dressed In Black have in the film (or had in reality). I ask: were they “rebel women” or were they functional to the witch hunt? That is: were they “Rebels against the System” or did they have the task of completely destroying what remained of the burned women? (another similar question follows) (2of2) Does Evelyn (who joins the Women Dressed In Black) enter the <> of the Rebel Women or does she finally accept to be part of the System against the “Witches” by burning what remains of them? The loosening of the hair and the look seem to indicate “Rebellion”.. BUT I’M NOT SURE because I didn’t understand the role of the Women in Black. And again: whose House is it burned at the end? Thanks for the attention.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • SlimThickDrinkingWater

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ imagine being so much of a demented monstrosity you copy and paste this literally everywhere

  2. 😵‍💫 WOW!!! That chicks face is the only horror story I see…
    24+ minutes of that would scare the crap out of anyone!

  3. amber dawn Hanke

    Brilliant Bella Ramsey performance. And a equally powerful short film.

  4. Bella playing the gays rn

  5. James Anthony Tomlinson

    I’m trying to figure out how that was supposed to be good.

    What kind of ending was that?

    Maybe if this was the first part of three.

    This sorely lacked substance.

  6. Supreme! Absolutely Supreme!

    Why wasn’t Evelyn burnt at the stake for her sin?

  7. Bella’s subtle expressions hit so hard emotionally, an absolute masterclass of acting.


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