Hop Quiz with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart and Jimmy go head-to-head in a trivia game where a right or mistaken answer brings about them getting fluffy rabbits to nestle each spherical.

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  1. I was totally expecting Jimmy to smack one of the bunnies as he laughed

  2. After seing “Get out” and “Us” let me tell you, Kevin you do not belong on that show, you do not !

  3. Only Kevin can make talking about rabbits funny

  4. the rabbit looks high with those eyes XD

  5. Kevin go to therapy they’re f****** bunny rabbits

  6. Behelit Chaser

    I’m crying omg

  7. I hate Kevin Hart and his whole attitude towards rabbits here

  8. Chantalle Draycott

    Kevin Hart’s fear of animals has me questioning his humanity on so many levels. Like… as if we needed any more proof that this guy is a douchebag. Who the hell is afraid of rabbits? Seriously… he’s kind of pathetic. He can dunk himself in a tub of ice but he’s afraid of a rabbit? How much of an utter control freak do you think this guy is on a scale of one to ten?

  9. Kevin Hart is actually funnier here than in his stand-up specials

  10. Hey man. Rabbits are cool

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