Hop On | Lunar Revel 2023 Cinematic – Riot Games

All aboard—we’re taking off! Come along on this magical bus for the adventure of a lifetime!

Video clip built in cooperation with BUCK.

Music by: George Shaw
Additional Campaign Composers: Nikhil Koparkar and Dan Negovan

Dizi: Ashley Jarmak
French Horn: Dylan Hart
Pipa and Ruan: Celia Liu

Musician Contractor: Noah Gladstone
Recording Engineer: Adam Michalak
Recorded at Hollywood Scoring, Los Angeles
Supervised by: Kole Hicks
Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

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  1. Lol the Riot Cinematic people put all the effort into the Lunar Revel, and forgot about the season 2023 start…
    Das ok, make dat money tho, amirite??!!11

    This tells us the gamers that they want our money, but don’t care about the gameplay, the client, the balancing, or the overall experience, as long as we think we look cool with the newest shinies, we’ll keep playing their game no matter how bad it gets…

    And unfortunately, as I queue up for another game, they’re probably right…

  2. So this is where the budget went?

  3. revyanto tangiloang sukardi

    low fps

  4. More lore than 2023 cinematic

  5. any updates on arcane s2?

  6. Wtf did I just watch

  7. El comentario en español que la cinemática de Lunar Revel es mil veces mejor que la del inicio de Temporada

  8. I unhappy cuz you make me disappointed from Season 2023 … Ok this event is important for you ,Tencent but not me …

  9. Riot really do be looking like a flying bus help together by duct tape and hope these days

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