I went to Chicago for NBA All Star Weekend 2020! I got some exclusive time on the court! Stay tuned all week for more!
Make certain to tune into NBA Allstar game Sunday TNT 8pm est @NBA #NBAallstar

Ricegum vs. Jesser INSANE 1 vs. 1 Basketball Challenges!

I Played Flight 1 vs. 1 Blindfolded…



  1. The brothers in Law

    Go to la Scarola and ask for Armando and say your friends with his son tino

  2. I live in Chicago and wish I could go to the All star events this weekend! but you are my favorite YouTuber and I wish I could meet you!

  3. Adrian Wojnarowski

    Yo Jesser that pizza place that you went to is Derrick Rose’s restaurant, he’s the spokesman and part owner fun fact

  4. Keep it up ??

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  6. I’m getting seats from seat geek thanks to header

  7. Mans dropped over 1k in shoes/clothes

  8. I hope Kris didnt hump the pilloe

  9. Jesse, I’m jealous ?

  10. congrats on the trending vid Jesse well deserved my boy!!!

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