Honest Trailers | Velma

Honest Trailers | Velma
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey also known as Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Manager: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne


  1. Screen Junkies didn’t have to go out of their way and suffer through this atrocity, but they did. They did that for us.

  2. The creators of this show should feel bad about this garbage.

  3. Judas The Pious

    is there raspberry award for the worst series

    because Velma definitely a top contender

  4. Matthew Deavitt

    I knew I couldn’t watch the show… I didn’t think I’d have a brain aneurysm within 2 minutes of watching the review though…

  5. What was the budget for Velma show? Who the hell would fund this crap?

  6. I never liked the office idk

  7. If I could be honest, both the original Scooby franchise and Velma almost have the same amount of quality and effort put into them anyway.

  8. 5:38 .. Velma had him put down 💔🤣🔥

  9. FUNNY!

  10. Do trailer for Inside Job – an actually good original animated show that just got cut by Netflix, because of course it did..

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