Honest Trailers | Moon Knight

Honest Trailers | Moon Knight
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey also known as Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O’Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne


  1. Please do ‘Winning Time’ next.

  2. This has the single best joke of any honest trailer. Except it isn’t funny.

  3. Well, I didn’t care for Moon Knight after the first couple of episodes. But I’m glad I watched it just for this.

  4. Critical Drinker did it better

  5. I wish you could sing.
    “Jungle, welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your sha-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-knees, knees”

  6. Marcus Decimus Meridius

    Egyption mythology is crap

  7. Wish they had the budget/time to do more episodes. The season finale was shockingly bad and extremely rushed. I was so surprised to hear that episode 6 was the last one when the story had only just picked up.

  8. The Republicans joke is the best part of this video

  9. Captain Trechabomb

    Republicans lmao

  10. Jack Eggebrecht

    “Don’t know who Moon Knight is? Neither does he.” got me.😄

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