HomePod 2, New iPhone 11 Leaks, Touch ID 3, SE 2 & More Apple News!

Latest Apple News & Leaks! Future HomePod Features, New iPhone 11 Feature Leaks, a Green iPhone XR 2, Full Screen Touch ID, iPhone SE 2 & XR 2 & More! Tons of things to speak about.


  1. EverythingApplePro

    Hey and guys this video was super hard to make no joke, we worked for 2 days on it so would appreciate a ?. Thanks everyone for supporting my Apple dream ❤️

  2. The bird took a shit on you’re iphone?????

  3. Why is Touch ID still alive, Face ID is superior in everyway and won’t have to worry if your fingers are wet or not matching in certain situations or gloves.

  4. I’ve heard the HomePods price will be a measly 12.000$

  5. samsung is better

  6. If they make an SE 2, I’ll finally have a reason to upgrade.

  7. Are the iPhone 6 series still relevant?

  8. Winning team displayed on HP, I cant believe my ears.
    But Siri still remains dumb af.

  9. They should make a Black with gold accent on the new iphone. That would be awesome. Like if you agree

  10. That bird is an Apple Hater!

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