Homemade Japanese Dumplings (Dango)

Thank you so much for viewing! It is been 1 decade since I made this channel. I desired to cook in my own kitchen in the future and lastly it is taking place! It is all thanks to you people!

This time I’m making conventional Japanese dumplings called sanshoku-dango & mitarashi-dango. They are pretty simple to make and delectable. If you get an opportunity, please give it a try!

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【Ingredients / serves 2】
Please follow the directives of your rice flour bag to make dumplings if it has them. Frequently times it has directives on the back. Here is the ingredients I used shout. You can adjust the ratio to your taste.


250g rice flour
200ml hot water

100ml soy sauce
100g sugar
200ml water
30g potato starch


250g rice flour
150ml hot water
30g sugar

food colouring (crimson)
matcha powder


  1. Thank you so much for watching! It’s been 10 years since I made this channel. I wanted to cook & craft in my own kitchen in the future and finally it’s happening! It’s all thanks to you guys!
    This time I’m making traditional Japanese dumplings called sanshoku-sando & mitarashi-dango. They’re pretty easy to make and tasty. If you get a chance, please give it a try! このチャンネルを開設してから10年が経ちました。いつか自分のキッチンで料理(やクラフト)がしたいと思っていましたが、やっと実現できました。ひとえに皆様のおかげです。ご視聴、ありがとうございます!今回は三色団子とみたらし団子です。比較的、簡単に作れますので、機会がありましたら試してみてください。^ ^

  2. Me: Tell me you’re an anime protagonist without telling me you’re an anime protagonist.
    Jun: Wandering through the fields with Haku riding on his shoulder, catching Sakura petals drifting in the summer breeze…

  3. Soft as cat beans 😍

  4. You’re my idol, when I will be old enough, I wanna cook like you.

  5. We’ve missed your cooking videos and glad you’re able to get back to them along with your lovely cats

  6. Whoof. I should not watch you cook before lunch, it always makes me hungry. And I cannot make dango at the moment, more’s the pity. Wonderful as always.

  7. Damn they just watch you eat but besides that the food looks so good

  8. so envious of your QOL!

  9. 1:15 is all I am aspiring to be ! Just a cat on the shoulder enjoying a nice day out together ! So cute :3

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