Hollywood Gave Me $100 To Remake Their Movie

Check out their new film Nobody featuring Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and neglected father and spouse, taking life’s indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A no one. When two thieves break into his suburban home one evening, Hutch refuses to defend himself or his family, hoping to preclude serious brutality. His teenage son, Blake, is disappointed in him and his spouse, Becca, appears to pull only further away. The aftermath of the event strikes a match to Hutch’s long-simmering rancor, triggering dormant instincts and propelling him on a vicious path that will surface dark secrets and lethal skills. In a barrage of fists, gunfire and squealing tires, Hutch must save his family from a dangerous adversary –and ensure that he will never be underestimated as a nobody again.

Check out Ted Nivisons video!
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  1. October 12, 2021

    $100 could easily feed a family of people for upwards of 1 month

  2. Y’all could really do with some sound design. I kinda wanna revamp
    The first scene tbh

  3. I dont believe you trained in the same place as keanu

  4. I’m 15 and my dad is 55

  5. 4:02 Yup, SO true

  6. Dominic Tõnisson

    that table didnt break, cuz it was a small square shaped one…

  7. does william look ripped to you or is it just me

  8. Anyone else cringe whenever William calls his audience “Little Willies”?
    I love your content William, but please… continue to make horrible jokes

  9. Wow, Bob Odenkirk is in this video?

  10. what matters is that you tried

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