Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for?

The answer may surprise you.
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  1. Technology Connections

    Maybe some day I’ll talk about the fact that all these outlets are technically upside down.

    • @SquidCaps this assumes they are conscientious and treating both as hot, sometimes I think third world manufacturers, especially mainland China, treat both as neutral!!

    • I was told by an electrician that there is an allowed exemption for residential uses that makes them NEC complaint in the upside down mode we all expect to see them in. But would be a great topic to do.

    • @phxgen I wouldn’t use anything smaller that 10 AWG in residential wiring, copper may be expensive, but not as expensive as a house fire!

    • @BS Kustomz sounds like they have anincorrect electrical panel installation, the circuit breaker should have immediately popped

  2. get to the point!!!

  3. When I was working in an electronics repair center back in the 80’s we often had a small lock for the plug end to use as lockout when we were working on them to stop someone from plugging it in while it was being worked on. And trust me some time office personal had the commonsense of an amoeba

  4. I’m definitely getting the Mandela effect from this video….I could’ve SWORN I’ve seen a TC video explaining this before…

  5. Idk it’s a happy ascendent or intentional but I use them for connecting bear wire to it just like a speaker connectors

  6. in the meantime people don’t notice how the power sockets have screaming faces because their eyes are being pinned in several times in a row just for the sake of experimenting.

  7. Did this guy seroulsly needed 20 minutes to explain a pair of holes??

  8. What would you like to see receptacle and plug design look like?

  9. Should be “Why do North American plugs have holes in them?”. I really hate how people forget about Canada, were just as important, if not more so, than you guys. We have holes in our plugs too, and Americans aren’t your only viewers. Hell, we’re technically Americans too due to being Nirth Americans.

    Fact check yourself.

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