Hogwarts Legacy – Official Cinematic Trailer 4K

Your letter to Hogwarts has arrived. Live the Unwritten beginning February 10, 2023.

Pre-order now.

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  1. escanor sinofpride

    Jk Rowling shaped my childhood, and I honestly owe her so much for that. I support her right to free speech, and having her own opinion, come get me social justice warriors. Just as matt stone, and tray parker said either everything is ok to talk about or nothing is. So honestly fuck off I’ll believe what I want, and buy what I want, feel free to kiss my ass.

  2. That owl a menace..

  3. Of course the owl is white, this game has already lost me.

  4. This game is pissing off all the chicks with dicks and because of that im buying this game

  5. 0:27 Weasley?

  6. To be quite honest with you, I don’t like the direction HP Universe is taking with this game. Seems very family friendly, especially with the art style.
    I just hope this game won’t be a flop, but I got the feeling that this game will seriously under deliver and will be plagued with DLCs.

  7. If only Jeremy Soul wrote the music as it was in first games that would be awesome. I feel more nostalgic with his ambients rather than with those that were in films.

  8. サファリパーク

    Elements I would like to see added include appearances, the Ministry of Magic, the ability to return home on the train, sweets, etc. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is Quidditch.

  9. Hate to support JKR HATE but I want to play.

  10. The Red Butterfly

    Taugh is the life of an howl in the wizarding wold

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