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  1. Highly doubt that those who hated on you guys were there with y’all from the beginning. Y’all have done so much good for people such as myself and my girlfriend who loves to watch your videos and finds them relatable to a tea. Please do not let a pebble turn into a boulder that crushes y’all and the amazing content y’all put out. That horse may Buck, but you got the reigns. Yeehaw from Texas

  2. This is such a terrible thing to hear..

  3. Letting them win by not reviewing is an L…

  4. I really hate the dual narratives of this whole situation as well. It does nothing to pretend as if everyone in that was “just critiquing” just as it does nothing to say that it was “all harassment” 2 things can be true at the same time, but you know nuance is lost online, and all that…

  5. I’m sorry for u guys but the game is cool and really wanted to hear you guys talk about it

  6. I’m really curious to know what your take on the story for Hogwarts Legacy is being that you’re jewish.

  7. This video is just documented defeat, the problem is Shelby and Matt are probably woke themselves, that is why they can’t look away, they believe the victimhood of the people who denounce them, and then fell like they have to justify and counter argument everything, its gonna be fun to watch these two turn conservative after they have children

  8. If people weren’t trasphobic before all this whining and bullying from the Twitter snowflake mob over a damn game, well they are now. No wonder no one sane enough respects their “movement” (more like a totalitarian, censor-filled regime). I absolutely despise these mobs because they think everything has to cater to their ideologies, like some 5 yr old child, ironic coming from the same crowd preaching about “open-mindness”, “tolerance”, “inclusivity”, “loving others”, “no hate”, etc. If you wanna neuter yourself because you “feel like it”, then no one’s stopping you, but no one sane has to respect and encourage such behavior, keep it to yourself.

    Fyi, just in case for you Twitter snowflakes lurking around, don’t even try whining about facts in the replies, I ain’t gonna read them. Take that time instead to self-reflect upon how you portray yourself to others instead of forcing people to like and respect your ideologies blindly. Have a good day.

  9. Thats messed up im sorry this happened to you, people cant seem to separate the art from
    The artist

  10. Both of you should grow some actual balls and review the game. You basically apologized to the people who attacked you.

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