History Buffs: The Founder

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Hi people, hope everybody is doing well! For this episode, let us look how throughout history accurate is The Founder! We hope you get pleasure from!


  1. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    Oh I know very well about hamburger university my best friends late dad used to be a franchise owner for McDonald’s it does take up a lot of your time because I always notice he was always on the phone every time I visited my buddies house

  2. this guy could be considered as the world’s most notorious mass murderer in history

  3. can you please make a video about the pacific hbo max series:)

  4. Filthy capitalist

  5. Hello, Humans
    Think before you act and talk. Most humans are programmed, which means they don’t possess original thought.


  6. Do blood diamond please

  7. Sorry, the ice-cream machine isn’t working

  8. Can we focus on history that’s not so related to reconstituted human waste in burger form please?

  9. Grim Dark (Half Off)

    Ok. Now do Super Size Me.

  10. Ray croc didn’t event the fish sandwich Paul Grouwen did. I used to work for the Grouwen McDonald’s as a kid. Ray wanted to make a pineapple burger but lost a sales contest.

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