Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat

Thanks Honey for supporting today’s video clip!

HUGE thank you to Lisa who is so incredible and humorous!!
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  1. Ryland is putting things on blast towards the end lol ?

  2. I really liked that video!!!!

  3. Thirteen Thirtyfour

    The two of you are so tacky and tactless with no shame whatsoever. It’s not cute. Don’t blame it on the need for content either. That woman was really kind to not humiliate you both. The only funny thing about this video is how money still can’t buy class.


  5. Oh. .

  6. Maria Podkolzina

    Morgan is Soo damn perfectly imperfect and literally my twin

  7. I love how sis just spent $104 on sheets? And calls that cheap and saving. Also Ryland needs to come back down to earth.

  8. Today I learned I have near perfect table manners ?

  9. Jennifer G. Silva

    Didn’t scroll to the comments while I watched this bc I was laughing the whole time ? the lady answered my question, the inner crazy quality. I don’t really think everyone can be formal 100% of the time lol

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