Hilary Swank And Stephen Have An ‘Act Off’

‘Trust’ star Hilary Swank introduces Stephen to a party game catered to thespians.

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  1. Is Hillary Swank hot or not?!?!?!

  2. I’m in love with this woman since Karate Kid.

  3. But is she hot? (Those who get it are the real OGs)

  4. Poll: Is Hillary Swank *HOT*
    Let’s find out once and for all

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  6. Hillary Swank! GET YOUR MILK FROM HER!!! (YEAH!)

  7. Luv u Hilary u are awesome forever. Will always be my favorite

  8. Colbert the cuck… should call this show soyboy tv

  9. The Court Of Public Opinion

    The woman performs at private parties for dictators and you’re trying to bring her now back into the public eye really.

  10. larklark leahleah

    Hilary swank ,
    Sittin next to Hilary smellin like dank

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