HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville SC vs. LAFC | July 17, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Nashville SC 1-2 Los Angeles Football Club, 07/17/2022

For more info about MLS, go to the league’s official internet site: http://www.MLSsoccer.com


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    Hello, Humans
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  2. Arturo’s Michelangeli

    I’m saying again – since they keep sending me these – that ever since the fans at Paris booed Messi, I’m done with football. I’ll watch the World Cup and bid these overpaid actors adieu and goodbye. My personal advice is, find yourselves some real heroes. These aren’t god’s gifts, they’re smelly lads with Lamborghinis.

  3. Bale gave up and is playing in the US?

  4. Run run with a cute man bun..

  5. Brentord vs Crystal Palace is more exiting than this.

  6. Zlatan’s debut was way better lol

  7. Rivka- ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳

    Tough to lose but better team won. Nashville missing a few pieces. Shaq Moore is a good start. Going to need some offensive firepower too. Geodis Park was rocking as always. Great atmosphere. Keep it up Music City fans. Absolutely love this club. On to Cincy.

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    i don’t know much about soccer but i can see england has been the best there’s always people with passion something else i see in this game people isn’t fighting or drinking this really makes me want to follow a team but not this time later i found out about which one i want

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