HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club vs. LA Galaxy | July 08, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club 3-2 LA Galaxy, 07/08/2022

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  2. *Platano*

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  3. Richard Wallace

    three points is great for LAFC in an El Traffico, but the defensive lapses were epic and worrisome; had a PK been awarded to the Galaxy as deserved, it probably would have been a draw.

  4. T-Virus Terrance

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  5. Darkman J.C. Misteri e Indagini

    Il terzo gol degli FC è un grande gol..
    Complimenti al numero 9

  6. Anthony Casabar


  7. LAFC win their first derby in two years and want to be loud as ever hahaha.

  8. It’s great to see Gareth Bale in America, and for a great club.

  9. Of course levas gotta win at home….if they didn’t they woulda protested, again,
    They started sweating and whole stadium got silent when galaxy scored second goal cus they know the can’t beat us and they didn’t call a penalty on Alvarez
    Great game but coulda been 3-3
    Levas celebrating so hard cus they know they finally beat papi

  10. La verdad aunque jueguen en la MLS chicharito y Carlos vela están a otro nivel de cualquier mexicano actual…

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