HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls


  1. Canelo will KO him in the 3rd fight.

  2. Sean Challenger


  3. Miranda Summerset

    DAZN & wwe network, 2 best streaming services currently

  4. Trying to go toe 2 toe wit triple g is a no no

  5. I want to see Canelo vs GGG III

  6. Commentator: “…something we don’t see so often, Golovkin getting hit..” This dude didn’t watch his fight against Canelo. Also, Golovking gets hit constantly, only that he’s like “Meh!”.

  7. Well done to ggg he just beat a man who will go back to his normal job as a taxi driver

  8. DAZN Giving the best highlights out there

  9. The cleanest fighter alive..??

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