Highlights Atletico de Madrid vs Real Madrid (1-3)

Real Madrid won the derbi against Atletico de Madrid 1-3. Griezmann scored the goal for the Rojiblancos; Casemiro, Ramos and Bale scored for the guests. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019


  1. Darth Vader Cético

    Patético de Madrid

  2. Griezman is such a biatch.
    Go cry in the back in your locker room you wanker

  3. real moy bombe

  4. the real is a bombe

  5. i am real’s father

  6. Close your legs Cortoius. Will cost RM in UCL.

  7. Ahora los comentarios están en ingles? que vergüenza es esta?

  8. Juancito Maravilla

    Que robo, una vergüenza

  9. Naken afaratu

  10. Bale is the clutchest super sub on the planet.

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