Hide and Seek with Our Daughter for the First Time

Can Zadie find Matt Slays or his spouse Rebecca Zamolo in an awesome game of hide and seek. It all began when Rebecca Zamolo published “Surviving Every Netflix Show in 24 Hours.” Next Matt Slays uploaded “Surprising Daughter To See How She Reacts *emotional*. Thanks for viewing my witty enjoyment family video blog video clips in 2023.

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  1. Do you think Zadie will be able to find us?

  2. Because she had gus gus in the red beanie

  3. Yes zabey. Will no

  4. Cora Wagner and Greta Wagner


  5. Ella-Marie Hasselbach

    Oh I wish Zadie was my sister she’s so adorable and she can almost stand

  6. Yes 👍 Rebecca

  7. Rebecca I love your videos and I never got a shout out before and I love your daughters lady and her so sweet ❤️

  8. Rebecca zamolo zadie is the cutest person in the world and this is the best video ever seen on the door christmas is coming out of the day to the airport

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