‘He’s Drake, for weeping out loud!’ – Stephen A. has no worry with Drake’s heckling | First Take

Stephen A. Smith does not understand the “uproar” concerning Drake’s on-court antics during the Eastern Conference finals because he says Drake is an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.

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  1. Lol the bucks making an excuse for the loss. No its not drake causing it, look at your bench… they’re getting outplayed by the Raptors bench.

  2. Catholic Renewed


  3. DrAAAAAAke?!? DrAAAAAAAAAAke?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Aubry Graham from Degeneres? The guy that who wasn’t hiding his kid from the world, but was hiding the world from his kid?!?!

  4. GSHeverything _27

    DRAKE is the BALLMER of basketball right now, I think he’s awesome for the game, let the guy have some fun man.

  5. GSHeverything _27

    Have you see him last night in Jurassic Park, he was going crazy for his team…

  6. GSHeverything _27

    White People are so butthurt man

  7. I dont often agree with Stephen A. But his point on how to handle Drake is spot on. You got a problem with him? Shut the Raptors down! That will silence everyone in the F’n building. Simple solution not easily achieved.

  8. Ricky El Diablo

    Drake’s tan more fake than Stephen A’s hairline

  9. Drake paying the refs I ain’t going. Buicks weren’t playing too well but still that’s some bs.


    Bet Drake won’t touch Westbrook like that.

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