HermitCraft S9#13: Entering Decked Out 2

Tango has completed his long awaited and amazing dungeon crawler game, Decked Out 2. Today we drop everything and head in for our a first look at what he has made. We also play a few mini-games with the Hermits while we wait for our turn to play.

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  1. Next time you fight Gem imagen her as a ravenger😂😂😂.

  2. I’m so excited for more Decked Out content! More Decked Out please!

  3. Yes the moment we have all been waiting 2 plus years for Etho’s first run of many for Decked Out 2 before he starts to destroy the rest of the Hermits in it and become the 2x Champion makes it on his very first run of Decked Out 2 crazy everyone could not believe it Gem with the He’s not washed up after all LOL. So good even Tango said it Ladies and Gentlemen The Champion LOL. But for real way to go Etho so great and funny i am pulling for you to win it all

  4. Etho, the speed with which you figure out the way the game works is incredible! Please upload all your runs, trust the comments, everyone wants it! Thanks for being awesome.

  5. Everyone has different playstyles, and part of Decked Out 2 is building a deck to compliment your playstyle. Right now, everyone is just purchasing common cards (5), and Coin Shop cards (3), leaving little variation in their decks. Once we get out to Phase 3 to 4 (in late Phase 1 and Phase 2 we will probably start to see purchase of non-common cards, but they won’t be done strategically, they will be done because that’ll be the cheapest card they can afford), we will start to see a divergence in card choice, as each Hermit goes a different path, and I’m very excited to see where Etho goes. Knowing Etho, and after watching all his runs (as of right now, from Tango’s perspective on Tango’s streams), Etho will go for a very greedy deck. In DO1, he filled his deck with offensive cards that provided coins and soul flames, ignored defensive cards, instead relying on map knowledge and skill to dodge vex and ravagers, and practically ignored max clank. DO2 is so much larger that it makes its predecessor look like a proof of concept. I don’t think, even Etho, will be able to ignore Clank and Hazard, like he ignored clank in DO1, his playstyle is very loud, he’s usually escaping the dungeon at, or almost at, Max Clank. As such he may be forced to take a more defensive deck to offset his offensive playstyle.

    All in all, I’m looking forward to everyone’s Decked Out 2 runs. There is an insane amount of competition to become the champion, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Etho doesn’t make it to the top 3, however, I do particularly look forward to watching him. Good luck, and have fun to all you Hermits… you’ll need it.

  6. “Most beautiful block texture?”

    Me: “Pearlescent Froglight, because I love Pearl…escent light…”

  7. I hope you will upload more of these runs, it’s so much fun to watch your play.

  8. Woohooo!!! Decked out from ETHOOO;!!

  9. So fun to watch, great job! Please remember even if they are super long episodes please include lots of decked out content! They will be watched and enjoyed 🙂 and don’t worry if they aren’t all great runs, failures are fine too haha

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