Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 – GRIAN BROKE IN…

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 9, Mumbo Jumbo re-unites with Grian and GoodTimesWithScar to create the most cinematic scene in Hermitcraft Season 9 history. Mumbo in addition builds up the Minecraft redstone door for the big minecraft vault Hermitcraft base. Xisumavoid in addition joins Mumbo for a Hermitcraft game.


  1. That ending scene tho

  2. Mumbo’s levels when the XP finally stops…. Nice

  3. supremely satisfied that u ended with 69 xp

  4. 69 lvls of exp… NICE 🎉

  5. hi mumbo i have a cool server you should give a shot

  6. Has anyone animated tge question game yet?

  7. My 3 fav Hermitcraft homies are back together .. yep all is right in the world again 🎉

  8. The fact that this is #8 on trending just shows the impact that Mumbo has had on us all. It’s glad to have you back Mumbo, I’m glad you’re doing better!

  9. Grian did red stone in Mumbo’s base before he did 😂

  10. Granny's Watchingu

    What a great video. Just flat out loved it. The 3 musketeers (or is it muskrats) back together again…..wahooo

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