Hermitcraft 9: Episode 35 – REUNITED!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 35 – RETUNITED Grian and mumbo are back on hermitcraft and … egg.

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  1. Galactic Unicorn

    I heard that there was a rare banner of sorts with purple words and i’m pretty sure purple text on an item means rare. You could also look up rare minecraft items to see if there are any you want.

  2. Mikaela Ullberg

    You could say Grian’s not made much progress, just a pro mess

  3. Congrats on Trending!

  4. okay but what if you offer to sell every hermit an egg and don’t tell any of them there’s 32 now

  5. Why dolph highway when nether tunnel!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

  6. Maybe you should grab a command block in survival. Team up with doc

  7. There’s enough comments here that no one will know that I just consumed grass.

  8. Marketing tactic: sell everyone the “only egg” on the server

  9. Kaito is not here

    Bring poultry man back

  10. Autobot_Tracks08

    Grian, somebody probably already told you to get the deepslate emerald, but you should 100% get the deepslate coal it’s like 0.3% Chance. So extremely rare.

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