Hermitcraft 9 Episode 20: Creating The IMPOSSIBLE In Scarland!

Hermitcraft season 9 episode 20! We create my dream Minecraft Redstone auto-loading jukebox and custom opening and closing announcements for my amusement park Mega Hermitcraft base. We in addition name the park Saarland and hook up with KingRenDog and the other Knights of the square table to debate the insurrection brewing in Hermitcraft.

Please check out Lummie Thief for his spectacular storage system and GiorgioJGZ for his Shulker Box Unloader! Check out their designs and channels and give them some love and Scar support!

Thank you so much for the help with the Jukebox auto loader Drgn_tat!

Also, I declare the very first official Hermitcraft charity live stream weekend! More details coming shortly!
See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft!

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  1. What did you think of the park announcements and do you have a favorit one? I had so much fun making the opening and closing ones!
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  2. Piston a block into the hole by the statue?

  3. Starting a resistance? Against the one guy working hard to offer fun games to the whole server (that no one’s forced to take parts in)? To be trolled by the ones taking the most advantage of the game either by abusing it or turning it to their own benefit? What resistance???
    BS aside, amazing video as always! =D

  4. I got so emotional with the opening and closing records… I can’t believe the atmosphere and adventure that Scarland has already, and it’s not even finished yet! I just can’t believe how amazing this is.

  5. To the armorstand problem: Do not use pistons! They will probably also move all the armorstands so maybe try to place moss carpets and stack them? I don’t actually know if they will interfere with an armorstand..
    Great video anyway! <3

  6. To fix the hole, you need to use a piston to push another block in place there, hope this helps!

  7. As someone that’s been to Disney World so many times in my life, that Scarland gives me jitters – I see what you mean about the music and announcements and I really feel it!

  8. 🎉 new episode

  9. These mods / resource packs are such an incredible addition to the server, you theme park is already fabulous and so magical! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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