Hermitcraft 9: Episode 19 – UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 19 – UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Grian is back on hermitcraft the minecraft server making progress to his build and making more diamonds!

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  1. Another one of grian’s facetious episodes!

  2. Has mumbo quit hermitcraft/youtube

  3. Totaly not resisting

  4. Grian: im going to do the back


  5. Grian should join the perimeter with Doc..

  6. bbrill brio

  7. Don’t start a resistance, start a rebellion.

    And also, while you’re at it, play some Rebel Inc. from Ndemic Creations and learn some world problems and politics.

  8. N.A.R

    not a resistance
    more like
    now a resistance

  9. I have an idea of how to display the shulkers, how about putting color coded crystals around The Entity and adding the same colored shulkers in the tip on the same colored crystals. I hope this will be useful :D.

  10. A great Idea i have got. U put on a disguise (similar to chicken man) and start a resistance, So that the audience also get what they want and You(Grian) wouldnt be the one to start a resistance. ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION.

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