Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 – THE RETURN

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 17 – THE RETURN OF GRUMBOT.. The rift has finally barfed it is first nostalgia trip.. But something is not the same.. Is the multiverse real?

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  1. gatorgreen•_•

    poultry man poultry man poultry man poultry man

  2. The nonbinary frog

    Just a random canadien fact because i recently moved to the ✨U S A ✨ and let me tell you it’s weird.

    The smarties that the us has is very different from the ones in Canada. The Us smarties are what we in Canada call ✨

    • The nonbinary frog

      I hit a button anywas continuing.

      We call them rockets and smarties in Canada are basically like m and m’s. The us also doesn’t have to many Tim Hortons( dount place) and run on dunkin’s dount’s which in my (canadien) opinion are gross and stale please don’t come at me for this i just really don’t like dunkin at all and you cannot prove me otherwise. Also you have to specifically ask for hot tea. Weird

  3. I would totally watch different games or blogs by you grain 😛

  4. Oh, Baby Boi!

  5. We’d love to see you play other games and post varied content, Gri! Maybe vlogs, game playthroughs as either stream VODS/serieses or highlight videos, and podcasts even. Do what you enjoy most!

  6. Block

  7. live ya life, grian

  8. As someone who was so happy when you started Life series cuz it was something new (and good), I say go for variety! Even if it’s outside of hermitcraft or minecraft. You don’t need to limit yourself if you could enjoy producing such content. I’m always up for supporting content creators if they wanna try something else on their channel.
    And thank you for talking to us directly about it, as an audience, I think most of us appreciate it. As always, take your time. We can wait for as long as you need us to.

    Anyways, nice rift lore 😀

  9. At the end of the season could you do an end where you put yourself in the entity and drive it into the rift?

  10. Mack rocks crashing done on the safe

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