Hermitcraft 9 Ep 37: I DID A BAD THING…

Hermitcraft season 9 episode 37! This is not the episode I had planned for Hermitcraft today. I got distracted by Grian not finding the backside of the base and ended up in Docm77s base and things went really bad after finding his tunnel-boring redstone machine and accidentally blowing it up. The TNT was unforgiving. Grian and I tried our best to fix it and give him a gift. I can’t believe this happened!! See you in the next episode when we tell Doc we broke his tunnel bore machine.



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  1. GoodTimesWithScar

    To be continued…..

    • it was great knowing knowing you and grian-

    • So, first I teared up (Cleo is amazing), and then I spent the rest of the episode with my jaw dropped in utter, utter horror. It was like watching a train crash in slow motion, when you know what’s about to happen but are powerless to stop it.

      Hopefully Doc won’t be too mad, but as well as fixing the bore, you might have to create a whole new level of super VIP access pass to Scarland just for him, maybe build him his own tower apartment, plus a golden ticket to the redstone shop, to make it up to him.

      Otherwise, you know he’s not going to rest until he’s figured out some super fiendish revenge. Personally, I’d figure out how to make it so that you and Grian can’t interact with placed buttons, levers, noteblocks, or anything that emits a redstone signal. Or build a perimeter wide world border that only lets you in on his command. Or imprison you both in a bedrock cage for the rest of the season (and if you die, you always respawn there). Prevention is better than cure, right? :p

  2. i love how grian didnt finish the diams montian back

  3. emo haralampiev

    So Doc is either gonna murder you or he’s gonna die laughing of the attempts you’ve made to fix it.

  4. ultimate_ pleb2739

    3:49 from the looks of things she used 4 iron pickaxes for each wheel and 1 Blackstone brick stair for the seat. then she placed a armour stand on top, made it smaller, turned off it’s gravity, made it sit then gave it the costom balloons and it’s clothing. the she locked the stands (all of them)

    or something like that i haven’t seen her video yet so IDK

  5. Dang Cleo’s wheelchair made me cry as soon as I saw it, epic stuff
    And definitely Adventure Isle, especially if there’s a pirate ship

  6. sci fi area

  7. Scifi!

  8. ultimate_ pleb2739

    finish the backside of your base grian
    or I’ll finish the backside of *your* base

    -GoodTimesWithScar 2023

  9. Sir Sluginston

    Scar locking himself in his house was hilarious. Always great to see Jelly doing well

  10. ThyNameIsShadow

    I vote sci-fi section!!!

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