Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 – MEGA BASE PLANS

In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo makes a new shop on the Hermitcraft server called Harmless Harvests, with the Mumbo peace love and plants system in place, this Hermitcraft shopping district shop includes selling objects that were collected on humanely! Mumbo Jumbo then designs his Hermitcraft Season 8 Mega base, and even has a standoff with PearlescentMoon.


  1. How can you join hermitcraft

  2. Make a nature preserve

  3. 16:21 among us

  4. W̵̧̋A̸̚ͅR̶͎̍D̴̛͍

    Seriously? What happens when hate groups eventually use every abbreviation ever possible and every symbol ever created? We need to be more mature as human beings end the cancel culture bullshit please.

  5. Hello

  6. Im sorry but AMONG US

  7. Ethan Jule Sarrosa

    I don’t know what he’s planning for he’s base, but the layout’s kinda sus.

  8. The base outline is sus

  9. Patrick Carpenter

    Pure nature is death. I hate this vibe your throwing out there that nature is peaceful. Nature isn’t peaceful.

  10. Awkward machine


  11. Your base is sus

  12. Benjamin Barton

    it the imposter

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