Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 – IT’S A START!

Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 – IT’S A START Grian is back on hermitcraft for season 8 with the other hermits for fun episode 1 shenannigans!

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  1. Your in the mcc WHAT!

  2. Spend the entire season making a joint ultra mega base

  3. Add (spudetti) to the hermitcraft srever

  4. Please Grian use torch to remove the dragon egg… Just place a torch under and let the egg fall.

  5. 29:44
    me: looks at level bar
    also me: nice

  6. BTW y5 is the best for diamonds right now

  7. Grian how do you know how to find your base? do you write down the cords? do u just memorize them?

  8. Max “Best” Bradshaw

    I hope he makes Gondor on the side of the mountain

  9. Brian that cave you found in the strong hold is the one LDshadowlady found in empires episode 2

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