Hermitcraft 8 | Ep 02: Boatem Town Guided Tours!

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Today we make a honey and honeycomb farm, find a magical pig, rip down Pearl’s base, make a boatem hole, and create a new ride in Boatem Town. It is a busy one!

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The Hermitcraft server is a Vanilla SMP Server and is a private (whitelisted) server.

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Season 8 Seed:

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  1. Exclusive preview

  2. MasterGaming1319

    I have suggestion to the Skel pawner add glow lichen to make bright inside at the same time the Skel can spawn because glow lichen has 6 light level

  3. pauljohn buenacifra

    Smelt those armors from teh skelly farm?

  4. @pauljohn buenacifra it’s really not worth it

  5. Let me build a wax farm so I can wax the copper, check wax farm built, copper waxing leave it to scar.

  6. Pearl is insane and I love it

  7. RIP dear Bush!


  8. The Awesome Randoms

    Wow, you guys are amazing!! Btw I love that minecart ride lol!

  9. “who would put a boat on a boat?!?” he says while starting at the boatem pole

  10. Why are the wandering traders so good is it a mod?

  11. Impulse: Express VPN, it’s like your ender chest, no one else can see it but you.

    Minecraft Server Owners and Administrators: um……

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