Hermitcraft 8: 4 – No Wings Club!

Hermitcraft 8: 4 – No Wings Club!
Iskall constructs Hermitcraft season 8’s first club: No Wings Club or NWC. iskall constructs a head quarters in the shape of a hanging residence from the tremendous ruined savannah as well as make medals for braggings rights!

Hermitcraft Season 8 SEED: -7381235180058670651

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  1. Okay, but now that Iskall(man) lives with Etho, can he confirm it Etho still smells like Beef?

  2. skotem pole

  3. 29_lXA_Parthav Patel

    Season 6 – we fight
    Season 7 – we fight but like gentle men
    Season 8 – we make pole (s)

  4. You can bone mill the mose over diorite to transfer into mose block

  5. 3,000th comment

  6. LonelyNightmare8

    You could extend it by adding a larger house underneath the smaller one.

  7. Artur Błędowski

    Het more space for villagers/ sell them-> no
    Kill them->yes

  8. You should make like a white board or a refrigerator for messages to each other.

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