HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return

HermitCraft 7: 79 | A PINK Return
iskall comes back to the hermitcraft server after a longer break, and there’s been some movement in regards of certain sticks on the server. In addition, iskalls selection of Pacific interior is… dubious.

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  1. the lighting shluld be hidden under beach towel carpets

  2. I love Pacific, the theme is great, the use of vibrant colors is amazing, and I wish more people would go “out there” like this on big builds

  3. Pacific would be so much better in aquatown

  4. Donald Jennings

    Welcome Back

  5. My eyes!!!!!

  6. add mini aquariums in the windows

  7. If you look at the logo of pacific you can see the background colour are cyan then light blue then pink tehn brown and red and orange. The first three floors are also cyan then light blue then pink… coincidence? I DONT THINK SO.

  8. 21 episodes to finish the omega tree let’s go!

  9. hanging bridges???

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