Here is the newest on the University of Idaho manslaughter investigation

KREM 2’s Amanda Roley breaks down what the Moscow Police Chief had to mention and new video clip released today of the victims.

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  1. “It’s normally a place we’re we all feel very safe”… it’s never safe around that community…. 😉

  2. wow, i watch the grub truck live on twitch. thats wild.

  3. Maybe they ate something bad from the food truck?

  4. Good Grief ….These news stations are so inept. A few other local news stations were filming a blue house located at 1107 King Rd insinuating the murder happened in that house. Here the cops have nearby 1122 Queen Rd roped off with yellow crime scene tape. Apparently you no longer need any common sense to work for a news station.

  5. The strange part is how the roommates are still alive. Wouldn’t you think during a chaotic quadruple murder spree that they would hear them screaming in agony and go and help. So many questions, and things aren’t adding up. Even if they were sleeping, you don’t sleep through 4 murders.

  6. You’re telling me nobody screamed therefore the other two roommates who were spared didn’t hear anything?

    Nope I’m not believing it.

  7. The boy has a +6 bonus to Stealth.

  8. In that video it looks like one of the victims purposely bumped Into a female that’s talking to a male… it may not be anything but may be something. As well as the female victim was drunk… wobbling, swaying and everything! She may have been more energetic and bubbly but she was buzzed for sure.

  9. It’s the Russians they are ruining Moscow!!
    Think of the children!!

  10. Jealous ex-boyfriend?
    Ex girlfriend?
    Get ALL cell phone records including pings from towers and re-trace the places each one of the people went.
    Go and travel those paths and ask questions..
    What was motive?
    Stabbing is usually a person who is connected to victim because you have to be emotional to stab another human.
    Watch as the life leaves the body.
    OR the killer knew there would be people there so a gun was not an option as it is too loud.
    Rest in peace to these poor souls lost.
    They will find the killer and there will be justice for the families…

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