Hercules VS Sun Wukong | DEATH BATTLE!

Heracles combats the Monkey King!
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  1. #2 on trending

  2. We need a “CHUCK NORRIS VS ” DEATH BATTLE video!!! If there is one please link it for me! I just watched the Saitama Vs Popeye video after this video, and thought “What about Chuck Norris? Why isn’t there a Death Battle video for him? A guy who does Push-DOWNS(He literally pushes the Earth down) instead of Push-ups needs a video.😁

  3. As the years go on the intro theme gets less cool. I miss the old days.

  4. “Ha! I’ve de-immortalized you. Now die!”

    “Jokes on you, my immortality IS immortal!”

  5. Honestly Mythology battels are a sick concept DO MORE!!!!

  6. Wiz, Boomstick, I’ve got one for ya

    Freakazoid vs the Mask

  7. Dr. Stein (Soul Eater) vs. Kars (Jojo)

  8. Bro this was a was from the beginning sun wukong cannot be killed so there is no way Hercules coulda eat the dude

  9. Even Heracles has nothing on the power of the OG anime shonen protagonist.

  10. I knew it i knew with the great sage will win

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