Hellboy – Movie Review

A film adaptation of the Hellboy comic book is once again made, this time featuring David Harbour. But was it essential, or perhaps worthwhile? Here is my review of HELLBOY!



  1. No Pearl, No Hellboy…

  2. your persona is an idiot

  3. Ron pearlman is the goat

  4. It would of been a awesome movie in 1997

  5. DevastatorKnight

    I really wish they would have finishes Guillermo del Toro and Ron pearlman trilogy. I really wanted to see how that would have ended.

  6. The old ones all the way.

  7. Almost Every movie Milla Jovovich is in sucks balls and flops hard I warned people about this and look what happened. Just stay away from Millas films except the fifth element it’s alright.

  8. The blood queen barely did anything in this movie… this movie was all over the place and very disappointing.

  9. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is ectoplasm. It’s kinda supposed to look that way, albeit maybe not so “wet”.

  10. Well… I guess Hellboy 3 was a better idea. I feel bad for David. Everything about this movie so far sounds so off. The original and the sequel are like what you need in a Hellboy movie, while this new one looks like something people want to enjoy but just can’t because it doesn’t live up to anything that came before.

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