Helicopter pilot killed after wrecking into New York City skyscraper

Tim McCormack was the only a single aboard the aircraft and there were no signs of terrorism, officials stated, though questions stayed. https://abcn.ws/2R6R6B9


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  1. May u rest in peace, Tim?

  2. is this jerry nadler’s state…jerry please launch an investigation…new yorkers are at risk….

  3. Amazing how this real life tragedy is #18 on trending but everyone stills sucks on marvels dick with a fucking *VIDEO GAME*

  4. Christal Oliver

    Condolences ? Such a tragic story.

  5. RIP Tim. ? Tragic. Prayers for his family.

    And just like so many, I immediately thought of 9/11. Can’t imagine how fearful New Yorkers were and the PTSD some may have experienced. I still think about 9/11 every time I hear a damn plane/jet flying above my head and I was 15 at the time. So relieved more people weren’t injured, but still sad a man lost his life.

  6. Yes blame it on middle eastern people it was terrisost make sure you discriminate against middle eastern because off this skip them when they try to get a job make fun off there culture turn them down when they are trying to ask a girl on a date

  7. 1000 Subs With 0 Videos?

    Rest in peace, tim.

  8. Not again

  9. Naomi Hernandez

    RIP Tim..
    *god bless your family* ??

  10. Surprised the building didn’t explode and collapse….. (9/11 was an inside job)

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