HEIZOU IS ALMOST PERFECT! C0 Heizou Showcase – Best Build, Teams, Weapons (Genshin Impact)


In addition to this, I have tested about 10 different best Heizou teams, analyzed what Heizou talents can do and also dug deep into how much investment Heizou needs. You will in addition see things like well-liked Heizou Tazer team displayed, well-liked version of Yelan and Heizou in a National team, Heizou damage going crazy using Widsith weapon catalyst and MORE.

Shikanoin Heizou was released during 2.8 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. It’s pretty ironic that we finally got a strong Inazuma C0 4-star and it’s only when the whole region is finally phasing out 😀

    • If you’re fighting an elemental enemy, you can start your rotation with 1 CA from heizou before switching out so that’s like a free C1. ofc if u have c1 it’s better, though this applies only to enemies that have elements on them already (like abyss mages/slimes). Wont work on, per say, a ruin guard in abyss.

    • Not to mention, that his nuke is not his Q…it’s his E. of all things.

    • @Tiagox Pretty sure you know what this is? 😏 Neuron Activated?

    • @Zannen Desu Ne of course I know what pantsu is. I just wanted to know where they were from xD

    • i have a feeling that this will be a recurring theme

  2. Francisco Petrucci

    7:55 that perfect 60.000 damage though…… Satisfying!

  3. Sunfire Heizou kinda good,
    Jean : 4 VV, C4, Favonius/Amenoma
    Bennett : 4 noblese, C5, Alley flash
    Xingqiu : 4 EOSF, C6, Sacrificial
    Heizou : 2 VV 2atk% or 4 VV, C2, Widsith

  4. Bc of kuki and heizou I can run this damn snake for the next 3 weeks

  5. Rúben de Castro Paulino

    I wanted him just because he sounded incredibly fun. And, since I needed Kazuha, getting him would be a massive plus.
    Well, turns out fuck me, apparently. Got Ningguang from C3 to C6, and Thome from C0 to C2. Then a Fav Sword and a Sac Bow, and no Heizou. WOOP WOOP!!

  6. Got Him While Wishing for kazuha.. More Cons On The way.. Want kazoo boi tho🥲

  7. saw a teamcomp: Bennet Jean Mona (c6 Heizou/widsith/crowned E and NA)
    got a 300k+ ESkill dmg

  8. This men says 15k is disappointing meanwhile me thinking my Jean is the strongest with 18k elemental dmg 😭

  9. Me who has a xiao that hits 18k e skill while he is roasting heizou’s 16k e skill. Oh ok 🙁

  10. I used all my 76 wishes and got C1 Heizou, C2 Ninguang, C2 Thoma, and a Kazuha. I’m pretty happy with the characters I got! I’m starting to build my Heizou, he is a REALLY 4-star good character.

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