HEAT WAVE | Hottest Summer Days Living Off Grid


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  1. Drill a well for water. Install wood stove

  2. Stephen Bembridge

    The over all effect is fantastic ……….

  3. That snake footage and that sssssssspecific music made my skin crawl! Well done! Lol!

  4. Awesome guys! Awesome. 🥂

  5. Madea Jamaican sister


  6. You guys the skin g looks amazing . The looks complete . It looks just like home should look . I pray you guys get rain soon. . please be care out there and get you some snake -a-way or moth balls to keep the snakes away from the house .

  7. That did look like a water moccasin or cotton mouth

  8. The skirting looks great and I love your NatGeo cinematography of the banded water snakes. I sure do hope you get some rain and cooling down. You do have the cutest kids in the world, although my grandchildren are a close second. You guys are awesome.

  9. We got Simpliphi batteries and love them

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