He threw this into the stratosphere 😱| #Shorts


  1. Absolute yaga

  2. Can someone edit in a final explosion in the distance.

  3. What???

  4. I taught him everything I know.
    He hasn’t let me down.

  5. Project Veritas sent me

  6. comments full of people who never watched the olympics

  7. Bet he’d be a beast of a 3tech on the D line.

  8. How far could he throw one of those faulty voting machines from your last election ?
    Unfortunately, it would give a false distance measurement.
    I would like to see him throw Memory Joe or chuckles Harris, by spinning them, using a leg and an arm from the same side of their body, ( airplane style ), while javelin practice is throwing across the direction of flight.
    I would pay serious good cash to see that.
    Bob. Australia.
    Great throw mate.
    Be safe and well.
    Bob. Australia.

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