HE GOT LOCKED UP? TJass vs RyanTheCrashDummy 1v1!

RyanTheCrashDummy goes head to head against TJass in their first round match-up for the $25,000 Hustle Challenge


  1. This the first time I saw t jass loss in a 1v1

  2. ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan

    Although the refs missed a couple of calls at the end, this was much better than the first HOH creator league tourney

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  4. Still doing the traveling up and under move. Can’t switch pivot foot

  5. If it was 2’s and 3’s then it’s better for tjass

  6. Team TJass all day

  7. Ryan not that cold but he got the perfect game for 1 on 1s💀he could run this YouTube shit

  8. Maurice Smalls

    bruh can someone PLEASE tell me the song playing for 8:25

  9. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    I saw this coming. Ryan can actually play defense not saying that he’s better but in a 1 on 1 anything can happen.. plus he can shoot too. That ball and rim is hard to shoot on I can tell by the ball. Evolution ball style is way easier to shoot with

  10. I have never seen TJass miss this many shots. If just some 3’s would fall, it would’ve been a different game.

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