He Got Called Fat, So I Transformed Him in 90 Days

His Incredible 90-Day Body Transformation:
He desired to get larger and more powerful, so he began working out, began ingesting more, and over several months time he became lovers with the progress and kept growing, kept ingesting, until a point he did not like it so much anymore, and what his body had become, he gained 23kg in 7 months…
Today we are aiding him transform to fit, in 90 days!

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  1. He is by far the most dedicated contestant, the results are crazy 🤯
    The 90-Day Challenge Program: https://bit.ly/BrowneyChallenge
    Instagram: @StanBrowney

    • Wrestling with Jay


    • @Browney … Hey man, do u have any tips for losing leg fat, I have chubby legs,thighs and butt just from genetics even tho I am skinny every where else. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks 🙏🏻 BTW I’m a teenager

    • @Browney I smashed it plss give me a gift

    • Hey browney i live in usa in utah im 15-16 5’10 and 125lbs boy, im lean have decent muscle but i am going on a clean bulk and hitting the gym trying to make my own 1 year transformation, ive measured everything and also recorded my strenght rn. But im happy to share my progress with u and u can decide whether to upload them or not doubt u will see this but if u dont 1 year from now im sure ill be on a natty or not greg douchet thanks so much i dont know how to contact u so reply if u see this thanks.

    • Dudes obviously on SARMS

  2. ggg

  3. 420k views

  4. Sanjay Chaudhary

    5k comments that’s ambitious.

  5. 16:24 ZYZZ TRIBUTE ;(

  6. Shailendra Tanwar

    11:26 Arjen is like the Dracula. These moments really make these videos top notch lol

  7. I would love to do a 90 challenge, but my health is notup for it yet 🙈 I have had a hard day of work done if I walk for 30min lol

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