He Cheated, so I got Rid of Him by Using Mods…

A Minecraft participant just recently double crossed me and cheated with mods on this SMP. It was my obligation to reinstate order by making a Minecraft mod as the strongest participant on Content SMP.

A modded Minecraft video clip like when doctor4t / RAT made a mod for ClownPierce and unleashed him on his SMP or saved an SMP by demolishing all end portals.

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Most music from: https://share.epidemicsound.com/jrtvak

Minecraft video clip motivated by SMP content like rekrap2 and Parrot / ParrotX2 from the LifeSteal SMP.


  1. Doctor rat please can you create a mod for me to get revenge on my friends on my modded smp ( btw bedrock )

  2. Mr. Brothy Bear

    Ok I need This Mod Right Now or The Other Rats Get it

  3. I could just hear the maniacal laughter that should have been playing during the final explosion.

  4. should have added the fact that you deal damage with the blocks thrown

  5. chromonet solutions

    I love how he’s just like “and and like you have clownpeirce like a clown puppet” or something and clown peirce is just like “hi :>”

  6. Anonymous Sploosh

    The sheer _terror_ in Clown’s voice when Rat walks towards him with a Bonesburrier *killed me*

  7. luv this guy


  9. maybe code it so if an entity gets killed by it the “paint” flys everywhere instead of every time >:)

  10. With these Strip Miners you could play nasty game of Bomberman in Minecraft.

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