have you seen my laptop computer?

i procured a hurdy gurdy through mystical means, and i decline to learn what a laptop computer is


  1. why is this #42 trending in the UK

  2. well i didn’t know i wanted this, nor a hurdy gurdy, but here we are

  3. Has Brian been listening to a little too much Pentangle?

  4. This is my form of humour

  5. leftpawedpolarbear

    Dying at the way the filter fades in and out 😂😂😂

  6. Weird way to tell us all you got a Hurdy Gurdy, but thanks for letting us know.

  7. The “…to gain the reward you seek,” line makes me feel a certain type of way that I can’t put into words other than immense pleasure

  8. No I broke it

  9. a book forged in chrome !

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