Haunted Apartment | Trailer



  1. Looks great can’t wait to see it 👻

  2. Garret’s videos bring me so much unexplainable joy! they are always the exact right amount of funny, entertaining and splendiferously incredibly amazing. Him and Andrew are my all time favourite duo and I am SO excited for this video, I don’t think you understand! keep girlbossing, popping off and brightening up literally everybody’s year xxxx

  3. Soooo excited. Ik they’re supposed to be scary[the last asylum one genuinely was], but Garret’s spooky videos are like such a safe place for me. I rewatch them, and maybe bc I know what’s coming, they feel like home.

  4. Ahhh! I’m so excited! I loved your video when you and Andrew went to the haunted hospital. Can’t wait to see this one 😊 I’m sure it is going to be amazing aswell.

  5. Yass queen✨

  6. Look who’s struggling to stay relevant without Shayne..

  7. Stephanie Sadaf

    Yesss! You’ve been missed!

  8. I missed you 🥹🥺❤️

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