Harrison Ford Reacts To Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar Triumph

Graeme O’Neil takes a look at Ke Hy Quan reuniting with “Indiana Jones” co-star Harrison Ford on stage at the 2023 Academy Awards as Harrison introduced “Everything Everywhere All At Once” with the Best Picture Oscar.


  1. Why she cry?

  2. Cristopher Joson

    Zelensky should be the one to present the award instead of Ford.

  3. Excellence is not a trait; but a habit.

    Everything, everywhere, all at once takes bigoted swipes at white people.

    So much for the awardee’s love for Harrison, a white man.

  4. The only thing that can possibly top this, is having Ke present Ford the Academy lifetime achievement award.

  5. Street Fighter II

    “Short Round!!! Quit fooling around with that kid!! Get down in the cart, NOW!!!!”

  6. No time for love Dr. Jones.

  7. Your channel is nothing but hollywerid elites. Worshiping those who sold their soul? So low of a human you are what ever your Ai program name is.

  8. Alexandra Nemocon

    An inspiring and lovely reunion and event during this show. Worthy of beautiful memories for the participants. A beautiful moment that makes up for the ugliness seen in past shows. Hopefully, this show can see more beautiful moments like this in the future 🙏 🙂👍

  9. Mr. Jones ❤ & short round ❤

  10. Nicholas Selvaggi

    The best moment of the Oscar’s. No message, sincere, honest, amazing.

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