Hans Niemann: I DID NOT CHEAT Against Magnus Carlsen

0:00 Intro
6:00 Hans
6:45 The Games
15:45 Hans Game vs. Dominguez

Photo by Lennart Ootes: https://www.chessphotoshop.com/

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  1. Why u r defending the cheater really sooo amarican


    • not very shameful imo cause in fact Hans is a confirmed cheater.. so Gotham is defending a cheater. whether he cheated this time is inconsequential cause he is still definitely a cheater.

    • What do you expect from a person who sponsors Crypto dot come after they’ve been proven to be a scam.

    • We have 0 proof he’s cheating

  2. I can tell a cheater from his eyes. I grew up with my older brother.

  3. You can cheat and lie with a straight face. That’s the easy part for anyone who’s got decent brain. Problem arises in emoting the exhilaration of beating world champion in a classical. If he is so extreme kinda personality and shouts curses when he blunders, then it’s true the other way around also. He must be thrilled beating WC in classical in black pieces. Why no enthusiasm… Just simple okay okay. Should we believe that he’s suddenly became humble after beating WC. Something is definitely fishy here with this guy.

  4. Levy have you seen the Hikaru clips doubling on not apologizing and saying that all he said was correct ? What are your thoughts

  5. When Levy talks about it, Hans sounds like a decent guy, but when Hans talks, i get sus vibes deeply

  6. Have any of you seen GM Ben Finegold’s recent video about this? I agree with Ben that the only acceptable reasons for a player to withdraw from a round robin format chess tournament is if they have become ill or have a family emergency or bereavement. Being convinced that an opponent cheated is NOT an acceptable reason to ruin the tournament by messing up the format and the results (Ian has gained a +2 advantage relative to Hans due to the wiping out of Ian’s loss in round 1 and Hans’s win in round 3), not to mention casting a cloud over the whole event. Ben’s video is worth watching, because he also gives his opinion on why the prep leak theory doesn’t make much sense. It’s amazing to me that someone can abandon a top-tier invitational event, then the tournament director cheerfully says in an interview that the player is welcome to return. Don’t FIDE rules have a penalty or warning for a player who abandons a tournament without acceptable extenuating circumstances? To state the obvious here, “I can’t say because I would be in big trouble” shouldn’t be acceptable! The difficult thing is that if Magnus receives too much criticism for his decision, he may decide to compete in fewer events, and top-tier chess definitely wouldn’t be the same without him. It’s a very difficult situation when a huge star of any sport or game starts to go off the rails.

  7. Hans is a prick and Magnus an arrogant, sore loser. I enjoy every second of this drama.

  8. If I’m playing online and think someone is using stockfish then 75% of the time their account is banned within a couple days. I have been playing for a year and things still stick out if they are anomalous, even with my limited experience. With that I don’t think it’s out of the question for the greatest practicing chess player in the world to notice if something isn’t right. With all the anti-cheat measures in place it would be exceedingly hard to prove any method used that makes it through all the precautions, so Magnus made what I think is the correct decision: He understood that he probably wasn’t going to be able to prove anything, decided that it was odd enough that he didn’t want to continue to deal with it, and left without making a single accusation. I don’t know what he could have done to handle it any more gracefully.

  9. If someone has accusations, that individual needs proof, not the order way around

  10. He totally cheated

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