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From time to time, the most worrying concerns we face are ones we are too scared or indecisive to speak about with others. In this episode, Thomas deals with some worrying thoughts from the evening before, and it has the Facets at odds with how to address the issue, if at all. And it does not help that a new force is bringing all of this prohibited thinking of. Hope you all enjoy!

Special thanks to all the terrific individuals who worked tirelessly on this task to make it happen!!

Next, a BIG thank you to those who worked on the edit of the video clip, which includes the musical sequence!

And a GIGANTIC thank you to all who made The Duke’s Theme!!



And thank you to Joan and Adri, who storyboarded the whole music video!

In addition, thank you to Joan and Quil, who helped create all the props for the video clip!

And thank you to our fantastic tech crew, Quil, Adri, and Camden, who assisted with the making of the musical sequence!

And thank you to Erin for participating art to the project!

Erin’s Links:

In addition, thank you to our Best Boy, Gavin, who helped us on set any chance he could!! He’s the finest!!

We are so venerated that our work has encouraged such fantastic portions of art, and we desired to let anybody who makes fanart know that you are work motivates us as much as ours may have encouraged you.

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  1. does- does this mean that also remus can control thomas’ left arm?

  2. Anxiety: sorry but Thomas cant logic his way out of this!
    Logic: *Eyebrow twitch sensing a challenge*

  3. Man… Remus make me uncomfortable but at the same time I was kinda ok with it, I guess? ?

  4. virgils eyebags just keep getting darker and darker HSHSHSHD

  5. HWAT?!? WHAT WAS THAT?! ‘Shut up or I’ll tear off your nipples and shove them up your nose’?!? WHAT?!? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?

  6. I’d like to see a behind the scenes for one of these

  7. I love the whole wordplay on Romas and Remus’ names.
    The brothers who created Rome? Leave it to Thomas to bring smart jokes EVERYWHERE?

  8. This is why Logan is my favorite among the sides but still love them all!, Remus (idk if the name is from Roman Legend or from HP, need to know! At first I though it was Remiss meaning negligence) how riddikulus he may be I like him, he’s funny but somehas a morbid sense of humor

  9. Content Warning: Be Warned abt this video
    Me: Eh let’s watch anyways

  10. Gabby Patterson

    This video has the energy of the vine.
    Person 1: Hey bro what do you want to eat?
    Inner voice of person 2: The souls of the innocent.
    Person 2: A Bagel
    Inner voice of Person 2: Noooooooo
    Person 2: Two Bagels

    I accidentally deleted my first comment

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